Rugged Desire………..

One of the best things about what I do, is I have the ability to create fragrances for every day living. Sprinkles for the warmers and now lotions for personal fragrance too.  Fragrance is powerful, it evokes memories, feelings of happiness, erotic desires, and feelings of bliss.

How much fun is this?  I get to create custom blends for myself and my customers that create the feelings and emotions that fill their world with color and imagination.

Like this one:

She watched him from lowered lashes, wondering how she was lucky enough to find this man. He had a strength she could depend on, and a tenderness that made her feel cherished. For once, she felt safe and protected. She stepped closer to him, and inhaled the scent he was wearing, and looking at him, he exuded Rugged Desire.

Sprinkles or lotion for the man in your life.


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Alicia’s Pink Zebra Recipes

Book Reviews…..

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I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was venturing into the arena of book reviewer.  So far I’m having fun doing the reviews.  I’ve only read one book that made me feel like it had been a total waste of time to be written or read.

I am posting my reviews, so if you’d like to check out some good books this summer when they are released…  check out my book review blog.


New Adventure

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I’ve recently added a new adventure to my life.  I’ve begun doing book reviews.  It’s a little intimidating, since I’ve never really done them “for real” before.  But, I love to read, and I share books with others that I like…. so it’s the same thing really.

I’ll be adding book reviews to my book review page.  And… I hope that I’ll be sharing something else that I love, reading, and it will inspire you to check out one of the books I review.


Stay tuned…  🙂


Everything happens for a reason…..


Everything happens for a reason. The hand that created the stars created your destiny.

Don’t second guess things, don’t analyze too much, don’t worry and fret,

Enjoy life, the unexpected moments that you get handed… enjoy them, take them in, cherish them. Life is made up of unexpected moments.


It’s been a most unexpected day, I usually like things to be planned, but sometimes… you just gotta go for it. Wonderful way to start my birthday week… and ….

I’m still smiling!


The Joy Is In The Journey


I’m sitting here staring at the screen wondering how to put into words the thoughts that are in my head.

I’ve been doing some training for my DS business (Pink Zebra) and I really like the guy I picked to follow.  I love his positivity, and I love his message.  He recently said something during one of his training calls, “you need to distance yourself from the outcome.”

You Need To Distance Yourself From the Outcome.

What does that mean exactly?  How can I distance myself from my outcome, when I REALLY want to build a strong business, a strong team, and be successful?  How can I distance myself from that?  He says that I should distance myself from the outcome and not be so focused on it.

Then he says Remember, the joy is in the journey.

I’ve spent the past few weeks mulling it over.  Trying to distance myself from the outcome of what I want to achieve.  And just as I think I have it figured out, life tries to throw me some curve balls.  So, while trying to find the joy in the journey, I’m also trying not to get upset, stressed out, or worry….. which reminds me, Distance myself from the outcome.  Because I’m only getting stressed and worried because….. I’ve become focused on the outcome (aka my goals).

It’s not an easy thing to do, this distancing myself.  But, as I’ve begun networking, I see others focused on their outcomes, and suddenly what seemed a little hazy has now become clearer.

finding-joy-in-the-journey Quotation-Stephen-King-joy-life-journey-Meetville-Quotes-3959

What I’ve realized is that life has been teaching me by throwing things at me, to take each day as it comes and celebrate in the joy of that day.  To look for the beauty, and to enjoy my journey.  And, then, life sends examples to me to show me what it looks like from the outside when someone is focused on the outcome/destination.

When we become so focused and driven toward our goals, we become frantic, panicked, desperate…. and we exude that in everything we do.  And it’s not attractive.

Take a step back, take a breath.  You’re going to get there, it’s definitely NOT going to be overnight, or on the express train.  Don’t be so focused that you forget it’s supposed to be an adventure.  Owning your own company, Direct Sales or brick and mortar, is a tough job.  And it takes hard work, perseverance,  and sometimes a little patience.  But, it’s an adventure, YOUR adventure.  Enjoy it.  You are creating something that is all YOURS… find the joy in getting there.

It’s getting easier to remind myself of this every day, and to take a deep calming breath.

Distance yourself from your desired outcome, and remember find the joy in your journey.


Sprinkle on!


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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It…..



Inside all of us, there are tiny seeds of dream and hopes.  Things that give you a glimpse of what your life could really be like.  But for some reason, we’ve learned to ignore those tiny seeds.


Those seeds are like little plants, you have to nourish them, tend to them with love and care.  Do you plant seeds in your garden and then believe they will or will not grow?  Without care, they certainly won’t survive.


Whatever your dream is, you have to believe in its possibility.  You have to feel it can be a reality.  And, you have to be willing to work for it.


You can’t give up when it gets a little tough, or things don’t bloom as fast as you’d hoped.  If you let your garden of dreams get choked by weeds of doubt and fear you’ll never live the life you were meant to have.


Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams.  Live life with passion.  Follow your passion.


Sprinkle on!




The Truth About Lack of Motivation……



Ok…. I’m going to be honest about some fears & doubts I had when thinking about signing up with a Direct Sales Company.

When I first started thinking about joining a DS company, a party planning one specifically, I have to admit I was completely terrified.  I’m the super shy, hide in the background, try to blend in with the wall kind of person.  So, to face the prospect of a room full of more or less COMPLETE strangers, scared the crap out of me.  But….. I signed up anyway. ( Guess I have more of my mom’s backbone in me than I thought.  🙂  )

Being a part of this company has changed me, for the better. It has brought me out of my shell, I have more confidence and excitement than I ever have.  I radiate an excitement and passion.  How could I not??  I have a company full of fellow zeebs (men and women) who support and encourage me.  The training and encouragement I get from everyone makes it hard to stay afraid.  I’ve had scary moments,  my first party I completely froze… I could NOT remember a thing!!!  I could barely remember my own name.  But, I survived, and it was an awesome party for sales!!  I’m getting ready to do my first vendor festival type event, and I’m nervous, but… I’ll be fine. Like I said, the support I get with Pink Zebra makes it difficult to be afraid.

I also have my periods where I stumble, and I have total lack of motivation, or even worse, I have doubts that I can do what I’ve set out to do.

Yep…. ME, the gung ho “Come on we can do this” cheerleader!!!  I’m going thru one right now as we speak.

BUT, reading my posts, my encouragements… you’d NEVER be able to tell… Right??

HOW do I do it???

Easy…. well, not so easy…it takes determination and grit!

I have a conversation with myself….and it goes something like this….

“hey you!!! yeah you… the wimpy one sitting there comparing your progress to someone else’s progress…. and feeling sorry for yourself…  allowing yourself to wallow in self pity…..STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! You cannot compare your journey to someone else’s journey….Your journey won’t look like anyone else’s journey….. You LOVE this company, You ARE having FUN promoting your business…. You LOVE sharing sprinkles with EVERYONE!!! You’ve been told your joy and enthusiasm is contagious…. SO SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!! Stop comparing yourself to someone else…. You aren’t them, they aren’t you….. Take it one day at a time…. Remember, the joy is in the journey….. ”

I cry a little…(well get teary eyed) I put my big girl panties on, take a deep breath, find a motivational picture to post, write something motivational for those who are following me (my team, other teams, other companies (and yes… I do have reps from other companies that are now imitating what they see me doing)  I remember my team needs me and counts on me …. I refocus on what I want for ALL of us… and I keep moving!!!

I’m not immune to doubt, but I REFUSE to let it make me give up.

Every day I remind myself to distance myself from the outcome…. sure I still WANT that outcome, but I don’t focus on it so much.  If I am constantly focused on the outcome, it creates worry and a desperate vibration.  If I concentrate on enjoying the journey to get there, before I know it I’m  there!

Enjoy the journey…..  The Joy is In the Journey.