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Life can get really crazy sometimes…. without any warning.  Most people don’t have 5 minutes for themselves.  They are either working multiple jobs, running kids to games or practices of some sort, or taking care of ailing family members.

Today it’s quite common to work multiple jobs.  I myself work 4 jobs.  How in the world do I manage that?  It isn’t easy and it’s quite the juggling act.  I have a full time job as a secretary for the local parks department, I am also the assistant clerk of council so I attend the bi-weekly council meetings and take the minutes, I referee select soccer in the spring and fall, and I’m a Pink Zebra Independent Consultant.  Just recently I promoted to Executive Consultant.

That’s quite a work schedule, but Pink Zebra allows me to work the hours I need when I want… so it just sort of fills in the holes here and there.  Which makes it a great option for others looking to find financial freedom when they have a BUSY schedule.  Our company is still new, so not a lot of consultants with the company yet…but we are growing, and quickly!

If that’s hard for me to do, then imagine how difficult it can be for a single mother trying to juggle multiple jobs and raise her family.  Pink Zebra has thought about this, and has decided these mothers are the heroes in todays society.  They strongly believe in family and in supporting and helping communities across the nation.  As a result, they set up a charity to help these single mothers out.

H.E.R.O.E.S. is Pink Zebra’s charity.  It stands for Helping, Encouraging, Rewarding & Obtaining Education for Single moms.  The mission of H.E.R.O.E.S. is to support single moms by donating days of childcare to these heroes in our society who through their many selfless sacrifices provide their children with love in ways to numerous to count.  We help families in your community to fulfill their dreams of a better life.

How do we accomplish this?  EZPZ!  With every $500 party a consultant has, the company donates 1 day of daycare to the program.  Approved H.E.R.O.E.S. can earn up to 3 months of daycare at a time.  Pink Zebra’s goal is to donate 1,000,000 days of daycare in 10 years.  My personal goal is to donate 4-5 days a month.  You can help me achieve this by hosting a party, Online, Home, or Party on the Go.  Online is done thru facebook in the event forum.  And a Party On the Go is basically a book party.  I send you a small kit with catalogs, samples, order forms etc. and you take it to your friends to get orders under your party number.  EZPZ!!

It’s easy to be excited about representing a company that I can believe in.  I love the products, and I love their ideals!  It’s ZEBRATASTIC!

Don’t forget… I have a give away.  The link is at the top of this page.

AND… if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Pink Zebra Sprinkles… just contact me for a sample.  I love sharing, so… go ahead stick your nose in my business!

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Author: Alicia Norton

Wife and stepmother, select soccer referee. Embracing life and living the adventure, pink zebra style.

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