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Everything happens for a reason…..


Everything happens for a reason. The hand that created the stars created your destiny.

Don’t second guess things, don’t analyze too much, don’t worry and fret,

Enjoy life, the unexpected moments that you get handed… enjoy them, take them in, cherish them. Life is made up of unexpected moments.


It’s been a most unexpected day, I usually like things to be planned, but sometimes… you just gotta go for it. Wonderful way to start my birthday week… and ….

I’m still smiling!


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Beware of Scammers….


Fakes and scammers are out there!!  For Direct Sales business owners, it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s a scammer and who isn’t.  Here are a few tips.

  • Never use google wallet, or paypal “gift” money to friends and family.  If it’s a legit business owner, they will be happy to invoice you
  • Do some research on the events you are thinking about signing up for.  The event planner should have an application and take checks as well as be able to invoice you for the payment, or will provide a receipt for your payment.
  • If someone is claiming that their blog reaches 5,000 people or more and they want you to pay for advertising on their blog…, check out their blog first.  See what kind of content there is.  See if anyone is commenting or liking it.  See if it’s a nicely done blog.
  • Vendors offering swag bag services (where you pay to have your swag insert put into a swag bag that is being distributed to some event) will normally take pictures of the swags as they are being assembled, and again while they are being distributed.  And they are happy to post this evidence that the swag bags have been made and distributed.  If you have a vendor who posts a picture of ONE swag bag as proof, chances are you have been scammed.
  • If you have paid for services and suddenly the person you’ve paid has nothing but excuses of why they haven’t provided you with a receipt, hasn’t provided you with info on your event, hasn’t provided proof that your advertising has been created and distributed, or is suddenly not responding to texts or emails… chances are you’ve been scammed.

As a customer, there are unscrupulous Direct Sales reps out there too.  If they have a website you can order thru, that is provided by the company they represent, and is safe to order from.  Problems come up when consultants offer deals and you have to paypal money to them.  NEVER gift the money to them through paypal.  It is next to impossible to file a dispute over gifted money.  I NEVER have my customers gift money to me, unless I’m selling squares and the winner wins the value of the squares drawn.  It hardly seems fair to draw a winner and then deduct the fees I was charged from their winnings.  I will always invoice my customers when I offer any type of deal or discount.

Do some research, verify things, and if your gut instinct is telling you it’s too good to be true, than it probably is.  If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, but you don’t know quite what it is, listen to your instincts.  You’re probably dealing with a scammer.  Better to be safe than sorry.

If you have been scammed by an unscrupulous Direct Sales representative, my advice is to contact their corporate offices and notify them of the behavior.

I operate my business with integrity, and I more often than not will go the extra mile for my customers.  Word of mouth can make or break a business.  I choose to do what it takes to make sure my followers know they are important to me, and they feel important.

Be safe.

Sprinkle on.



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What If…… drummer is out of rhythm?

I’m going to be 49 years old next month….. I think I heard a collective gasp. OMG!!! She admitted to her age!!! Shocking right? Well….. for those who don’t know me very well, I march to the beat of my own drummer. AAANNNDDD… most of the time he’s out of rhythm.

My whole life I struggled to fit in, trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be. It can be exhausting, and often leaves you wondering, who in the world AM I really?
Casella_Banner_2 (1)

I’m embarrassed to admit I was well into my 40’s before I even figured out who I was. I see all these young people struggling, boys and girls… and I just want to tell them “STOP!!! Dare to be different!! Embrace the uniqueness that makes you who YOU are!” I threw off the shackles of “trying to fit in” and learned to embrace the inner diva that makes me funny, witty, charming, charismatic, effervescent, and just plain wacky. I actually love to be different now.

Maybe that’s why I love Pink Zebra so much. They empower me, to be different, to be creative, to be UNIQUE… and as part of the dazzle, I’m protected, encouraged, and safe.

What if …. My drummer is out of rhythm? Who’s to say your drummer is out of rhythm? Maybe that’s the perfect rhythm for you.


Always believe in yourself, and what you stand for. Embrace what makes you Uniquely You. There’s no one else out there like you.



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MLM: Pyramid Scheme???

Some have said that MLM business’s are a Pyramid Scheme, and/or a scam.  So what exactly is the difference between an MLM and a true pyramid scheme?  An MLM is not a pyramid scheme, MLM business’s offer legitimate products and services that have real value.  A pyramid scheme has no obvious product.  An MLM is upfront that your earnings are based on your own efforts, while a pyramid scheme promises large earnings for very little effort.  An MLM has comprehensive training, and provides ongoing training for it’s reps.  A pyramid scheme has virtually no training available.  An MLM presents the opportunit, explains how it works and allows people the time to make an informed decision.  A pyramid scheme often uses false information and deadlines urging people to join quickly.



Many people still make the argument that “it looks like a pyramid”.  Yes, it does.  But…. so does corporate America.


An MLM offers you the chance to build your own team, while they build their own team and so on.  But, you do have the opportunity to advance in ranks to the top echelon of your MLM ladder.



If you have hesitations or doubts, take your time.  Do some research, ask questions, find out about the products.  A good recruiter/sponsor will encourage you to take your time and work with you to answer questions.  You need to be comfortable with your recruiter/sponsor.  Most MLM companies don’t allow you to change sponsors once you’ve joined, so be sure you sign up under someone that you feel you can trust and come to for help or training.


Starting your own network business is alot of work.  And it can be daunting.  But, if you are on a good team, it’s not something you have to do alone.  But, how do you make money with a MLM?  EZPZ!  Residual income.  Money that will come in every month that you don’t have to work so hard to get.

Sales = money today
Book a party = money tomorrow
Build a team of your own = Residual income.

The trick is to build your team with people who WANT to become successful and want teams of their own.  Don’t be afraid to be picky about who you recruit.  Having a body just to have a “recruit” doesn’t do you any good if that body doesn’t have any interest in working his/her business.  As a recruiter, it’s just as important to take the time to get to know your potential recruit, as it is for them to get to know you.

It’s a numbers game… and I’ll talk more about numbers in a few days.


The truth of the matter is, to be an MLM success requires work, education, dedication, determination and belief!  The belief that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  You’re taking the time to invest in your own business, make sure to take the time to invest in yourself as well.  Do some network marketing training, find a mentor that you can successfully replicate, ask them questions, and be prepared to work…. hard!!!!  It’s like anything else, you will get out of your business that which you put into it.  And above all, DO NOT QUIT!!!  There will be days where you just want to give up.  Don’t….  I have those days… I have those weeks.  And I still keep going.  I’m that much further than where I was when I first started.

Sprinkle on people!

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The Joy Is In The Journey


I’m sitting here staring at the screen wondering how to put into words the thoughts that are in my head.

I’ve been doing some training for my DS business (Pink Zebra) and I really like the guy I picked to follow.  I love his positivity, and I love his message.  He recently said something during one of his training calls, “you need to distance yourself from the outcome.”

You Need To Distance Yourself From the Outcome.

What does that mean exactly?  How can I distance myself from my outcome, when I REALLY want to build a strong business, a strong team, and be successful?  How can I distance myself from that?  He says that I should distance myself from the outcome and not be so focused on it.

Then he says Remember, the joy is in the journey.

I’ve spent the past few weeks mulling it over.  Trying to distance myself from the outcome of what I want to achieve.  And just as I think I have it figured out, life tries to throw me some curve balls.  So, while trying to find the joy in the journey, I’m also trying not to get upset, stressed out, or worry….. which reminds me, Distance myself from the outcome.  Because I’m only getting stressed and worried because….. I’ve become focused on the outcome (aka my goals).

It’s not an easy thing to do, this distancing myself.  But, as I’ve begun networking, I see others focused on their outcomes, and suddenly what seemed a little hazy has now become clearer.

finding-joy-in-the-journey Quotation-Stephen-King-joy-life-journey-Meetville-Quotes-3959

What I’ve realized is that life has been teaching me by throwing things at me, to take each day as it comes and celebrate in the joy of that day.  To look for the beauty, and to enjoy my journey.  And, then, life sends examples to me to show me what it looks like from the outside when someone is focused on the outcome/destination.

When we become so focused and driven toward our goals, we become frantic, panicked, desperate…. and we exude that in everything we do.  And it’s not attractive.

Take a step back, take a breath.  You’re going to get there, it’s definitely NOT going to be overnight, or on the express train.  Don’t be so focused that you forget it’s supposed to be an adventure.  Owning your own company, Direct Sales or brick and mortar, is a tough job.  And it takes hard work, perseverance,  and sometimes a little patience.  But, it’s an adventure, YOUR adventure.  Enjoy it.  You are creating something that is all YOURS… find the joy in getting there.

It’s getting easier to remind myself of this every day, and to take a deep calming breath.

Distance yourself from your desired outcome, and remember find the joy in your journey.


Sprinkle on!


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Saturday Review…


Embarking on the Direct Sales journey, I never imagined there were so many opportunities out there.  Some I’ve heard of, some I have not… and some, well, they just seem a little too good to be true, if you know what I mean.

If you are thinking about starting your own business (it’s like a franchise without all the overhead involved with a brick and mortar building)  I would recommend that before you hastily jump in, you do some research.

Chat with the potential sponsor, observe how he/she runs their personal page and any business pages they have.  Observe what kink of posts they make.  I myself am very skeptical of the claims to lose 30 pounds in 20 days, or earn thousands of dollars in your first month.  Are these claims true?  I don’t really know.  What I do know is that owning a business, whichever one you decide on, is work.  LOTS of work.  It doesn’t matter how amazing the product is, you still have to advertise, market, get people interested, talk about it, recruit for it etc.  You don’t just start making money because you signed up to represent one of the 1000’s of Direct Sales opportunities out there.

That being said, I’ve decided to do reviews on various products from various companies for all my new friends.

My first 2 reviews will be for Jamberry Nails and 3 of Hearts Pet Bakery (which isn’t a Direct Sales Company).

Jamberry Nails are nail wraps (stickers) that are heat activated and applied to your nails.  No harmful chemicals were used in creating these wraps.  You can get 2 manicures and a pedicure from each sheet.  And if your talented enough, you can get 3 manicures from the sheet by cutting down the bigger nail wraps to fit your fingers.

Use their hands free heater to warm the nail wraps, or use your own hair dryer.  Apply the wrap, trim off the excess, heat them again, firmly press and smooth, heat and press again, file off the excess that might be remaining … and TA DA, beautiful nails that look like you just had them custom painted.  They last 10-14 days (me not so long only because I pick at them… I must stop that habit!) I will say, that before I picked at them, at the 7 day mark they weren’t chipped and still looked really good!!!  I don’t paint my nails because no matter what polish I use, they chip in 2 days.


I got tons of compliments with the french tips that were watermelon patterns.

I have several friends who represent this company.

Laura Barlage, located in Amelia Ohio

Dawn Bright, and Elizabeth Barber both located in California.

I definitely give Jamberry Nails 2 thumbs up!

3 Of Hearts Bakery is run by my new friend Elizabeth Barber.  Devon is her furrbaby, and the mascot and official taste tester of the bakery.



She bakes these goodies right out of her home, I don’t know how Devon stands smelling them and not being able to eat them all.  My 3 spoiled furrbabies got two bags of goodies…. one a mixed bag and the other looks like chocolate chip cookies.  They come packaged in cute bags.  They do need to be refrigerated since she uses all natural ingredients and no preservatives.  The ingredients are also listed on the back of the packaging.


My three, Lucy, Charlie and Samson could barely wait for me to get one of the bags open.  They were dancing around the kitchen in eager anticipation.  They already recognize the sound of the bag when I pull it from the refrigerator.  They took their treat to their own little spot to gobble it up before one of their siblings could come steal it away.

Lucy, Charlie and Samson give 3 of Hearts Bakery 2 paws up for their tasty treats.

Check back for other reviews.


Sprinkle On!

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It…..



Inside all of us, there are tiny seeds of dream and hopes.  Things that give you a glimpse of what your life could really be like.  But for some reason, we’ve learned to ignore those tiny seeds.


Those seeds are like little plants, you have to nourish them, tend to them with love and care.  Do you plant seeds in your garden and then believe they will or will not grow?  Without care, they certainly won’t survive.


Whatever your dream is, you have to believe in its possibility.  You have to feel it can be a reality.  And, you have to be willing to work for it.


You can’t give up when it gets a little tough, or things don’t bloom as fast as you’d hoped.  If you let your garden of dreams get choked by weeds of doubt and fear you’ll never live the life you were meant to have.


Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams.  Live life with passion.  Follow your passion.


Sprinkle on!





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